A life in the day of a flamenco painter

How did I get here?

How did I get from knowing nothing about flamenco to exhibiting paintings at the prestigious Museo del Baile Flamenco in Seville? After all, this place is considered a temple of all things flamenco. Now I’m getting people asking me this very same question. This got me thinking how amazing my journey is! So I’d better stop being selfish and share it. (Applause, trumpet fanfare)

Manuela Reyes
Manuela Reyes passing on tips

I think I need to cover the entire experience …everything…even the embarrassing bits. From the time I got a one-way ticket to Seville with no idea when I would return. Then hatching an idea on how to get into the flamenco practitioners studios. The story needs to include the Spanish reaction to me painting their beloved culture which is surprising. Also the way my sketch book opened up doors. This was such a frequent occurrence that friends referred to it as ‘the power of the sketch book’ said in reverential tones. All this and much more will be covered in this series of blogs.

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It all started one wet Saturday morning in Exeter (UK) two years ago.


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